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A/C Installation & Repair


Aftermarket A/C systems can be installed on most vehicles, newer, older and classic vehicles, and upgrades for buses and limos

A/C Parts: compressors and clutches, new hoses (or we can rebuild yours), receiver driers, accumulators, expansion valves and orifice tubes, condensers and switches. Repairs done on original equipment and aftermarket A/C systems. System design service available.


Suspension, Shocks, Struts, Air Ride Suspension


We do complete under vehicle inspections and repairs on most vehicles. We stock air bags & compressors for most factory air ride systems.


Cruise Control Installation & Repair


Cruise control can be installed on most vehicles. We can install it or we have kits for the

do-it-yourselfer. Repairs and parts for original equipment and aftermarket cruise for

either manual or automatic transmissions.


Electrical Diagnosis & Repair


Engine performance, check engine lights, computer scope and diagnosis. Major and minor electrical diagnosis and repair on most vehicles.


Headlights, Brake & Interior Lights


We inspect and repair light systems on your vehicle. We restore yellowed headlights.


Starters, Alternators & Batteries


We do a VAT Test (Volt - Amp Test) that checks your vehicle's starting & charging system. Today's vehicles require a strong battery & charging system to power the computer equipment on board. We can test to find weak components before they damage other electrical equipment or cause the modules to loose their programs. These problems can leave you stranded.


Check Before You Buy


We can save you big $ by inspecting a vehicle before you buy. Know what it needs before you settle on a price.


Belts & Hoses


We recommend belts and hoses every 75,000 miles. Don't get stranded!


Power Door locks and Windows Installation & Repair


Power door locks and windows repaired or installed on most vehicles. Add keyless entry to your power door lock system.


30-60-90 Maintenance


We follow manufacturers guidelines for your vehicle maintenance requirements. We offer fluid flushing for cooling, brake, transmission, power steering and differential.


Heating & Cooling Systems


New heater core, hoses, waterpump, radiator and anything else you may need for your cooling system. We can repair or replace your radiator. We can pressure test or dye test your cooling system.


Oil leaks & Engine Repair


We perform minor and major repairs to your engine. We can dye test your vehicle for oil leaks.


Oil Changes &Tune Up


Lube, oil and filter changes with a full inspection is done on most vehicles. Minor or major tune-ups can be done or have vehicle diagnostically checked out for run ability.


Transmission & Clutch


We perform minor and major repairs as well as maintenance services to your transmission and clutch.


Brakes & Axles


We do complete brake service including on the car machining of the brake rotors for smoother, quieter braking. We also do inspections of your axles, boots and joints. We can flush your brake system to remove damaging moisture.




Custom upgrades are available for most vehicles. Ask about dimming compass or homelink mirrors, keyless entry, power window installation, and much more. We can help you make your vehicle truly “yours”.


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Services for cars, trucks, limos & buses

Whether you have a 1968 Chevy or a brand new Mazda, you can get the repair and installation services you need. We make it easy and affordable to get everything you need all in one place.

How can we help you?

- 30-60-90K Maintenance

- A/C Equipment Service Center

- A/C installation and repair

- Air Suspension Service Center

- Axles

- Belts & hoses

- Brakes

- Cruise Control repair and installation

- Electrical diagnosis and repair

- Emission repairs

- Flush

  • Coolant

  • Transmission

  • Brakes

- Fuel pumps and injection

- Heating and cooling systems

- Keyless and remote entry

- Lights

- Mist odor treatment

- Oil change, leaks and engine repair

- On-Star FMV sales & installation

- Power windows and power door locks

- Radiators

- Shocks/Struts

- Starters, alternators, and batteries

- Timing belts/chains

- Tools  

- Transmission and clutch services

- Tune Up

- Water pump

- And many more

What does your car need?

Routine care

Make sure your vehicle runs when you need it by giving it the regular care it needs to stay strong. Ask about oil changes, tire rotations, and tune-ups.

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